Caroline Hargreaves
Last updated: 15 January, 2012

Travel: Marrakech has not lost its magic

With no large-scale protests during the year of the Arab Spring, Morocco remains a popular destination for travellers from all corners of the world. The medina is a place where time stands still, leaving you to explore Moroccan and Berber culture, architecture and customs. If you are not woken up by the ‘Allah Akbar’ greetings from the many Mosques, make sure to set your alarm in order to catch the enchanting sunrise over the Souks. If you get tired of the hassle of the merchants showing off their goods in narrow alleyways, you can make some great finds in the calmer areas off the beaten track. Expect to pay some young kids to help you find the way back to your Riad – the city is a labyrinth for first timers! When the intensity of the Medina gets to you, escape for a day or two to the nearby waterfalls or for a stay in one of the many Kasbahs in the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech also has some amazing hammam baths that offer massages, treatments and body-wraps with locally grown herbs. Afterwards, enjoy freshly pressed orange juice in the square or indulge in a traditional tajine for dinner.