Last updated: 14 February, 2012

Israel forces raze illegal settler outpost

Israeli forces razed three temporary structures comprising a wildcat settler outpost near the West Bank city of Ramallah early on Tuesday, an Israeli spokesman told AFP.

The demolition of the Oz Zion outpost was carried out by the Civil Administration, the Israeli military body which manages all civilian affairs relating to the Palestinians and their lands in the portions of the West Bank under full Israeli military and civilian control.

Civil administration spokesman Guy Inbar said that some three weeks ago troops had demolished illegal structures at the same location.

Tuesday’s operation was “a recurring action to destroy illegal structures,” he said, noting that it sparked minor clashes, but police said no-one was arrested.

Israel considers settlement outposts built without government approval to be illegal and often sends security personnel to demolish them. They usually consist of little more than a few trailers.

The international community considers all settlements built in the West Bank — including east Jerusalem — to be illegal.

Meanwhile, efforts to find a solution to the status of Migron, the largest and the oldest outpost in the West Bank, were ongoing ahead of a Supreme Court deadline for it to be taken down by the end of March.

Israel on Sunday proposed a compromise deal which would allow residents to stay in their homes, which were built on private Palestinian land, while new ones are constructed at a new site nearby on land which is under full Israeli control.

Efforts are also under way to extend the deadline.

Should residents accept the proposal, it would then have to be approved by the court.

Inbar said on Tuesday there was still no deal on Migron, but “progress is being made.”