Last updated: 22 February, 2012

Iran says it is ready to help identify Thailand bombers

Iran said Wednesday it is ready to help identify those behind a series of bomb blasts in Thailand this month in which several Iranians have been implicated.

“Iran stands ready to identify those responsible for the explosions and to present them to the international community in a sign of our good faith,” the foreign ministry spokesman said, quoted by official IRNA news agency.

Ramin Mehmanparast added that Israeli accusations of Tehran being behind the February 14 explosions in Bangkok were “bereft of all truth,” and that such allegations were “a scenario put out by US and Israeli officials.”

Thai authorities this week issued an arrest warrant for a fifth Iranian suspected of involvement in the blasts, which were described as an alleged plot to kill Israeli diplomats.

The 57-year-old suspect faces charges of making explosives, according to police.

Two Iranian citizens — including one who lost both his legs in a botched attempt to throw a bomb at pursuing police — are in custody in Thailand and have been charged.

Another Iranian man was detained after flying to Malaysia.

An Iranian woman who rented the Bangkok house where an unintended explosion revealed a bomb cache used by the suspects is thought to have fled back to Iran.

Thai police have said Israeli diplomats were the intended target of the plot, drawing links to bomb assassination attempts against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.

Tehran has rejected the accusations.