David Hedengren
Last updated: 21 June, 2012

Great underground music from the Middle East

Ever heard about the Iranian hard rock band The Bug or the Palestinian duo ElectrowaveZ? Sarah Elgindy, co-founder of the online underground music platform Mideast Tunes, recommends five up and coming acts.

FareeQ el Atrash
A unique Lebanese hip-hop group ruling the underground with socially progressive lyrics and a funky bass.

A duet from Palestine that fuses traditional Arabic music with the more modern electronic genres of music.

Egypt’s independent musician, Maryam, offers a surprising marriage of punk rock aesthetics, some hip-hop, and traditional Arabic music.

The Bug
A musically diverse female fronted hard rock band from Iran that was forced to relocate due to their government targeting them for playing rock music.

Our origins are as important to our identity as the present, and Yabgu, a folk metal band hailing from Turkey, understands that concept all too well. Using traditional Turkish melodies in their music, they seek to metaphorically unite the people of Turkey, past and present.