Jameel W. Karaki
Last updated: 14 September, 2012

Anger reaches Kuwait after anti-Islam film

Hundreds of Kuwaiti citizens protested against an anti-Islam film made in the US in front of the American Embassy of Kuwait at Bayan area on Thursday. Some protesters who were holding black flags chanted “Obama Obama… We are all Osama”, and ” People want to expel the Ambassador”. Clergies and politicians attended the protest and the Ministry of Interior sent special forces to the area to stop protesters from reaching the American embassy as their number increased.

Preacher Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi, who called for a peaceful sit in front of the American embassy, clarified in his speech that this protest aims to deliver a condemnation message to the United States for its allowance to screen an insulting movie about prophet Mohammad that offended over a billion Muslims. However, Al-Awadi couldn’t finish his speech due to interruptions by the audience. In addition, he tweeted that those who gathered in front of the embassy were disciplined and that they wanted simply to deliver a message to the US embassy.

Sheikh Nazim Al Misbah stressed that the one who harms prophet Mohammad, whether Muslim or “infidel”, will face severe punishment. At the same time, Al Misbah condemned the murder of the American ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, stressing that Islam forbids such an action, noting that Islamic governments should take a diplomatic action.

MP Adel Al Damkhi (a member of the National Assembly of 2012) said that extremism and insult generate revenge and hostility, adding that the Americans are reaping the fruits of their hostile policy and submission to the Zionist lobby. While MP Osama Al Menawer criticized the small number of participants in the event, stressing that every red line is negotiable but The Prophet. Moreover, MP Jamaan AlHarbash rejected any hostile actions against diplomats, and called governments to sue those who insulted the prophet.

Meanwhile, in a statement to Your Middle East, U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Tracy Roberts-Pounds said that, “There was a demonstration outside the US Embassy in Kuwait that was largely peaceful. The Government of Kuwait provided additional security to protect our diplomatic facility and personnel.”