Mohamed Zitouni
Last updated: 8 October, 2012

The third President of independent Algeria Chadli Bendjedid has passed away

The former Algerian president Chadli Bendjedid died at the age of 83 on Saturday at the military hospital in Ain Naadja in Algiers, following an illness, APS reported. He had been admitted for more than a week in the Military Hospital Mohamed Seghir-Nekkache (Ain Naadja). According to media sources, the former head of state arrived at the hospital in a “severe condition” and died on Saturday. He also suffered “an advanced prostate cancer”.  

The former president had previously visited hospitals abroad, mostly in Paris. On 23 May, he was evacuated urgently to France, but was repatriated on the advice of his doctors, given his critical condition. The former president also suffered from renal disease.

He was elected President of the Republic on 7 February 1979 after being appointed Secretary General of the FLN in January the same year. He was re-elected president twice, in 1983 and 1989. The late president plighted, after the October 1988 events, for political reforms, including the revision of the constitution which had established the multiparty system in Algeria. After the parliamentary elections on 27 June 1991, when the Islamist party FIS won a majority of votes, president Chadli proclaimed a state of emergency and decided to postpone the elections. He resigned from his position as President of the Republic on 11 January 1992.

Eight days of national mourning has been declared by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, APS says. The funeral of the former head of state will take place on Monday 8 October 2012 at Martyrs’ Square, the El Alia cemetery.