Last updated: 8 December, 2012

Yemeni general killed in Qaeda ambush

General Nasser Naji bin Farid, commander of military forces in central Yemen, was killed on Saturday in an ambush, army and tribal sources said, blaming Al-Qaeda.

“The convoy of General Bin Farid was attacked near Marib by armed men,” a military source said of the incident in the city, 140 kilometres (87 miles) east of Sanaa, adding that another officer, Colonel Hamid al-Qaher, was also killed.

Another two officers were killed and six soldiers were wounded in the attack, said a security source. The gunmen seized two vehicles and several firearms, a tribal source added.

Both sources said the attack bears the hallmark of Al-Qaeda.

The militant group has carried out multiple attacks against the army and security services, mostly in south and east Yemen where it is well-established.