Last updated: 19 May, 2013

At least four police killed in Iraq violence

Gunmen attacked a police station and an army position in the town of Rawa northwest of Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least four police officers and wounding three, a local official said.

Qais al-Rawi, the head of the local council for the area, said that gunmen killed and wounded the police in an attack on their station in Rawa, while they also assaulted and then set fire to an army position.

There were 15 soldiers and an officer at the position, Rawi said, and their fate is unknown.

There have been a number of attacks in recent weeks on security forces in Anbar province, home to Ramadi and Fallujah, two centres of Sunni protests that broke out almost five months ago.

Up to 10 people were kidnapped in Anbar on Saturday, according to security officials.

Tensions are festering in Iraq between the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a Shiite, and Iraqi Sunnis who accuse authorities of marginalising and targeting their community, including through wrongful detentions and accusations of involvement in terrorism.

The government has made some concessions, such as freeing prisoners and raising the salaries of Sunni anti-Al-Qaeda fighters, but underlying issues have not been addressed.