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Last updated: 29 October, 2013

VIDEO: Travelogue from Fujirah – sand and sea

"This has been my first time driving down to Fujairah and it has been a visit so delightful and so enlightening that I must tell you about it..."

“Fujairah is the most mountainous of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. The red rock, the lush green trees echo for miles around as the watchtowers continue to stand strong on the mountaintops.

I was especially keen to see the oldest known mosque in the emirates, the Al Badiyah Mosque, of which I’ve heard so much. Built of mud and stone, it is believed to be over 500 years old.

Driving further down I passed by the local fishermen as they bring in their catch. I can’t help but admire the wonderful texture of old fishing nets and fishermen’s skilful hands as they weave through a variety of fresh fish. This has been a tradition where tourists and locals buy their fish straight from the people who caught it, and it has always remained a delightful experience.

My drive to Fujairah has been a pleasant one. It allowed me to enjoy the historic sand-coloured forts, majestic mountains and the beautiful coastline that is both breath taking and essential to the community’s ecosystem. Seeing Fujairah is like experiencing a perfect balance between land and sea. I’m glad I made this drive.”

The above text is transcribed from the video, which is part one of a seven part series called “The UAE Travelogue”. Produced by the UAE based design and video collective Hello Project Space, it explores the different Emirates in an attempt to show their culture, heritage and landmarks.