Christine Petré
Last updated: 3 December, 2013

Volvo’s Van Damme commercial – Jordanian style

Volvo’s latest commercial capturing action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme perform a split between two moving vehicles quickly went viral across social media. Reactions and replicates soon followed.

Unlike the original, which demonstrates the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering, the Jordanian version comes with quite a different message.

To the same soundtrack, Enya’s “Only Times,” a man attempts to perform a split between two trucks. As the music begins the background voice says, “My life is upside down…” Referring to the strained economic situation it continues, “And the trouble is not leaving me alone. You increase the price of cloths and I will dress less. Because I am a Jordanian… But winter is coming and the price of gas challenges the rules of physics.”

“This kind of advertising can’t be done on our streets, of course you know why…”

As the man falls down between the cars, the text in the end reads, “This video was made to measure the Jordanian citizens’ degree of tolerance to the increasing prices, especially prices of oil and gas.”

The video finishes with declaring that this sort of stunt would not be able to be performed on Jordanian roads. “This kind of advertising can’t be done on our streets, of course you know why…” According to Mohamad Adnan, who posted the video on YouTube, it is referring to the Jordanian streets’ bad conditions. The video has received over 22 000 views.