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Last updated: 13 February, 2014

VIDEO: No Syrian women were invited to the peace talks – watch them speak up

One Your Middle East contributor recently wrote about Syrian children as the forgotten victims of the conflict. Given the total lack of female participants in the Geneva peace talks, the same seems to apply to women.

Not a single woman was invited to the talks. To make there voices heard approximately 50 women from inside and outside Syria therefore gathered for a meeting in the Swiss city from 11 to 13 January under the sponsorship of UN Women.

“We cannot remain silent regarding events in Syria, such as daily death, massive destruction, starvation, displacement of hundreds of thousands of families…and the spread of terror, violence, ongoing detentions, acts of kidnapping, destruction of infrastructure and the spread of disease, particularly among children,” said Sabah Alhallak, one of the participants.

One participant said: “To me, peace means no detentions, no prison, freedom of expression, building and construction, and children growing up in a country where that’s the way of life.

So take a couple of minutes to listen to some of these women’s vision for the future and peace in Syria.