Last updated: 28 February, 2014

Bahrain police and Shiites clash at jailed youth’s funeral

Bahraini police and demonstrators clashed Friday during the funeral of a jailed Shiite youth who the authorities say died of natural causes and whose family said had been tortured, witnesses said.

Bahrain has suffered from chronic, often deadly, violence since the authorities brutally suppressed an Arab Spring-inspired movement in 2011 calling for a constitutional monarchy.

The demonstrators near the capital Manama hurled rocks at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades, the sources said.

At the same time, the interior ministry said on Twitter that Molotov cocktails had been thrown at security forces, but gave no details.

On Wednesday, the authorities said that the youth had died of natural causes after being hospitalised with a chronic illness.

But his family, and the main Shiite opposition movement in the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom, said he had been tortured while in custody.