Your Middle East
Last updated: 13 March, 2014

Let’s come together #WithSyria

World-renowned street artist Banksy’s iconic “Girl with the Red Balloon” is used as a symbol of hope in a global campaign that marks the third anniversary of the bloody Syrian conflict.

#WithSyria will launch in over thirty countries at sunset in the run up to the anniversary on March 15.

”Amassing an unprecedented popular movement in solidarity with those caught in the conflict…a collective appeal will be launched by global organisations and key individuals calling on political leaders to sign up to a pledge to do everything they can to make this the last anniversary marked by bloodshed,” says the campaign website.

The call for peace for the Syrian people will include the release of “With Syria” balloons by children all over the world as well as the lighting up of iconic buildings, messages of solidarity from celebrities, and a campaign video taking inspiration from Banksy’s image (watch above).

In the video, the red balloon carries the girl above and away from the chaos below. It notes that this is a crisis in which 95% of the population are not combatants and that it has forced almost half the population from their homes.

“With compassion, with support, with our voices there is always hope,” the video concludes.

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