Christine Petré
Last updated: 15 May, 2018

Ottolenghi’s sunny Tunisian food feast (VIDEO)

The British-Israeli food writer and restaurant owner, Yotam Ottolenghi travels to Tunisia to explore the country’s well-known chilli sauce harissa. And much more...

After an entertaining boat ride with his new Tunisian companion Pepe, who served semi-raw fish straight from the clear waters, Ottolenghi travels to meet Faroud, or Robinson as he is also known. The man lives on an island as a hermit and cooks what the land and the sea has to offer.

The wild cook’s open-air kitchen is one of the “most romantic, I have seen,” says Ottolenghi as he is served Juta soup – the sailor’s dish – a base of onions, tomatoes, the compulsory harissa, and Scorpion fish, toppled with some fresh peppers and tomatoes.

The open-air kitchen is one of the “most romantic, I have seen”Ottolenghi grills a red mullet platter with a lemon and celery salad and a seafood pasta dish of fresh mussels, squid and juicy prawns.

He visits the capital Tunis where he is up for the challenge of making one of Tunisia’s most popular dishes: the brik – a fried pastry snack of soft egg and tuna and tries the North African couscous, which (of course) have been given the harissa treatment.

He also finds a Jewish restaurant serving a twist on Tunisian dishes, where Ottolenghi prepares tender chicken and sweet corn meatballs and serves it with a spicy lemon salsa.

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