Your Middle East
Last updated: 22 May, 2014

A selfie for the environment? Tunisians lead the way.

The “selfie” trend cannot be stopped. But in Tunisia, it’s become more than just human narcissism. Tunisians are now using selfies to demonstrate their nation’s environmental problems.

Tunisia surely has a thing for selfies, earlier we’ve reported about the Tourism Minister Amel Karboul’s obsession with selfies and now, sick of the street’s piles of trash, a new initiative is encouraging Tunisians to take photos of themselves whilst at the same time showing the growing waste problem.


The founders of the Facebook page Selfi Poubella (Selfie trash) inspire people to tag their selfies with #SelfiPoubella + a hashtag of the area. The idea is to raise awareness and get the authorities to understand the severity of the situation.


“Show the true face of our streets and the pollution of the environment,” notes the Facebook page. The initiative is challenging the government’s recent promises of addressing the garbage issue. The Interior Ministry recently appointed a new civic police to monitor and enforce the rules of environmental protection and a number of initiatives of cleaning up the country’s beaches are underway.