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Last updated: 29 September, 2014

#IamTawfik: Libyan hashtag for human rights goes viral

The Libyan hashtag #IamTawfik has been created in memory of peace activists Tawfik Bensaud and Sami El-Kawafi, two young voices that were silenced in Benghazi on 19 September – now known as Libya’s Black Friday.

Bensaud and El-Kawafi were two young, outspoken civil society activists who were not afraid to raise their voices for a free and secure Libya. The social media campaign is a way to show that the country’s youth and civil society will not be silenced but aims to continue what the two young activists started. The initiative is encouraging people to follow in the footsteps of Tawfik, Sami, Salwa, Abdulsalam, Fariha, Muftah and all others who have been killed while trying to pursue their fight for a free and peaceful Libya.

Here are some of the Twitter users who are supporting the campaign: