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Last updated: 14 November, 2014

‘Doctor of peace’ banned – for life – from returning to Gaza

Dr. Mads Gilbert is the outspoken medical doctor that made himself a name internationally for his work in Gaza. Throughout the years, he has directed harsh criticism against the Israeli government. Now, it seems the Israelis had enough.

Israeli authorities have banned Dr. Gilbert from returning to the area due to “security concerns”, reports the website The Norwegian doctor and activist has previously travelled back and forth to the Gaza Strip to assist at the hospitals there. He was working at Shifa hospital this last summer during the war in Gaza.

“When we came back to the Erez border station, the Israeli soldiers told me that I could not go in to Gaza,” Gilbert told The Local.

Norway’s Secretary of State, Bård Glad Pedersen, commented on the Israeli decision in Norwegian newpaper VG: “From the Norwegian perspective, we have raised Gilbert’s exclusion from Gaza and asked Israel to change their decision. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is still difficult and there is a need for all health workers.”

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