Last updated: 4 January, 2016

A Bright Future with the American University of Sharjah

sponsoredcontent.jpgLeading the way in higher education, the American University of Sharjah (AUS) continues to build upon its educational goals, attracting more prospective students than ever before.

Revolutionizing the academic facilities of the Middle East, it was the first of its kind to provide the same standard of education as the unrivalled universities of the US. With a reputation for excellence, AUS has quickly become the popular choice for students and executives looking to improve career prospects in an ever changing environment.

Undergraduate students of the Gulf region as well as those from around the world can choose from an extensive list of courses including 26 majors and 46 minors. Many of these offer programs which cannot be found elsewhere in the region. Their Architecture course is one such example, the first degree to be accredited by the National Architectural Board of the United States outside of North America. It’s this exclusivity which is recognized internationally by employers providing worldwide career opportunities.

Postgraduate courses are equally impressive with a selection of 14 master’s degrees covering the main academic departments such as Engineering, Arts & Sciences and Business Administration.

An increasing number of graduates are looking to advance their career with these additional qualifications. It’s no surprise given the benefits, where postgraduates can expect higher paying roles and quicker career progression. In fact, studies suggest that those who complete an MBA are likely to earn 10 to 20 % more over their career.

The AUS have met this growing demand with an MBA course designed with the student in mind. These programs provide a scope for learning that can prepare for future positions in management and leadership. It’s especially beneficial as the course is tailor-made with the UAE’s business environment in mind.

Unlike anywhere in the world, this fast growing, dynamic region offers plenty of opportunities for those skilled in management. The Expo 2020 in Dubai is expected to create 277,000 jobs. Studying an MBA course provides the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in this environment and capitalize on the opportunities.

AUS offers other postgraduate courses through their impressive School of Business Administration. The SBA Executive Education course has become increasingly popular since its inception. Aimed at the experienced professional, the course provides a platform for self-development for those seeking to improve their ability in the workplace.

This course can be customized to the student’s requirements with a focus placed on desired areas for improvement from leadership to marketing and finance. These can then be studied according to their real-world application whether that is telecommunications, tourism or logistics.

Since its launch, the Executive Education courses have already been a major success for leading companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Etisalat, Mobily and RTA. This ongoing drive to enhance Gulf businesses to perform globally has seen the School of Business Administration become the largest resident business faculty in the region.

The university is now planning further expansion and continues to increase their course portfolio. Fast becoming a world class institute, AUS have contributed to the development of the region and have set the example for all other educational faculties.