Last updated: 11 August, 2011

Iraqi officer gets death for kerosene smuggling

An Iraqi court has sentenced an interior ministry lieutenant colonel to death for smuggling kerosene to “finance terrorism,” Iraq’s anti-corruption watchdog said on Thursday.

“The criminal court of Salaheddin issued a death sentence for a lieutenant colonel, the former deputy commander of an oil protection unit in Salaheddin province, for smuggling 116 tankers of kerosene,” the Integrity Commission said in a statement.

Integrity Commission investigators seized the tankers protected by forces under the officer’s command, saying he aimed to “finance terrorism” with proceeds from the kerosene sales.

The officer was sentenced to death under a 2005 anti-terrorism law, the statement added.

“The court will consider other cases against other suspected participants in the smuggling operation,” it said, without specifying their number.