Last updated: 14 August, 2011

Algeria bomb attack injures 30

A suicide bomb attack on a police station in eastern Algeria early Sunday wounded more than 30 people, including two Chinese nationals, the French language daily El Watan reported online.

Mohamed Nedir, director of the university hospital in Tizi Ouzou, around 100 kilometres (60 miles) east of the capital Algiers said eight policemen were among the injured.

A journalist at the scene later told AFP that another hospital source had put the number of wounded at 31, including 15 police officials. Most have since been discharged.

The two Chinese victims had been inside their clothing shop, near the police station, when the bomb went off around 0300 GMT, the reporter said.

The suicide bomber rammed a Hilux pickup truck into the police station entrance, trying to force his way in, the paper said. Shot at by police, he then blew himself up.

The explosion was heard kilometres away.

The director general of national security, general Abdelghani Hamel, arrived at Tizi Ouzou on Sunday to visit the injured and assess the damage.

Eastern Algeria, notably the Kabylie region, has been rocked by a series of similar attacks this summer.

On June 25, security forces killed three men, including the son of a prominent Islamist leader, who had been trying to reach Algiers in a car laden with explosives.

On July 16, a suicide raid on a police station in Bordj Menaiel, claimed by AQIM, a north African Al-Qaeda offshoot, killed two people and wounded 14.