Last updated: 18 November, 2011

Jordan protest calls for political reform

More than 1,000 Jordanians marched after Muslim weekly prayers on Friday in a protest called by opposition Islamists pushing for political reform and an end to corruption.

The march began outside Al-Husseini mosque in central Amman and moved towards city hall about a kilometre (less than a mile) away.

Banners held up by Islamists, leftists and youth groups said “the people want to reform the regime”, “the people want an elected government”, and “we want a fair electoral system”.

In a statement distributed before the march, organisers from the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Islamic Action Front, said the movement still awaited reforms that “would bring power back to the people”.

“We ask for a serious fight against corruption, the corrupt to be tried, and a boosting of regulatory institutions,” it said.

Since this year’s uprisings sweeping the Arab region, Jordan has been jostled by its own protest movement fueled by calls for political reform and the end of widespread corruption.