Last updated: 24 November, 2011

Activists urge Bahrain to apply probe findings

Gulf civil society groups called Thursday on the Bahraini government to apply recommendations of an independent probe that found police guilty of torturing pro-democracy activists.

“We believe that implementing the report’s recommendations is the best way to ensure tensions are defused before the situation explodes,” said Anwar al-Rasheed, the head of the liberal Gulf Civil Society Forum (GCSF).

“Any delay or deception in implementing the recommendations will lead to consequences that we do not wish for the kingdom of Bahrain,” Rasheed said in a statement.

The statement followed the publication of a special independent commission report in Bahrain that found police used “excessive force” and tortured detainees in a crackdown on the Shiite-led democracy protests in March.

The GCSF is a non-governmental group comprised of liberal intellectuals, writers and activists from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, of which Bahrain is a member.

The Council’s other members are Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE.