Last updated: 31 January, 2012

Aisha Kadhafi offers information to protect brother Seif

Aisha Kadhafi wants to provide “concrete” information to protect the interests of her brother Seif al-Islam, who is wanted for crimes against humanity, the International Criminal Court said Tuesday.

Kadhafi’s lawyer Nick Kaufman delivered the request to the ICC, which immediately made it public.

“Aisha Kadhafi wishes to present concrete information which she believes will assist the Pre-Trial Chamber in determining an appropriate course of action,” the request said.

Moamer Kadhafi’s daughter underscored in the appeal that she wanted to “protect the interests of her brother.”

The ICC denied Monday that it had agreed that Kadhafi’s most prominent son can be tried in Libya, saying it had not come to a decision.

Seif, 39, who was arrested on November 19, is in the custody of the military council of Zintan, a town 180 kilometres (110 miles) southwest of Tripoli.

He is wanted by the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the conflict in Libya.

Libya’s National Transitional Council had already told the ICC in a letter published on November 24 that Tripoli wanted to try him.

The international court had asked Tripoli in December to say by January 6 “if and when” Seif would be handed over for trial in The Hague.

That deadline was extended to January 23 at Libya’s request because of the “security situation” in the country since the fall of Kadhafi in October.

The judges also wanted to know whether Seif had been arrested on the ICC warrant issued in June and whether it was correct that he was being held incommunicado.

Aisha Kadhafi, her brothers Mohamed and Hannibal and their mother Safiya have been given shelter in Algeria for “strictly humanitarian reasons,” according to Algiers.