Last updated: 4 February, 2012

UN Security Council to vote on Syria

Western diplomats at the United Nations said they are determined to vote Saturday on a resolution condemning bloodshed in Syria, despite strong Russian objections.

The Western allies are “determined to vote today,” France’s UN ambassador, Gerard Araud, said ahead of talks in the Security Council.

British UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant also said: “We expect a vote today.”

That stand drew the battle lines for a showdown between the Western powers and Russia in the Security Council just hours after allegations that between 217 and 260 civilians had been massacred by Syrian forces in the city of Homs.

Russia has refused to support a Western-Arab draft resolution that would condemn the Syrian government’s bloody crackdown on a 10-month old uprising and require President Bashar al-Assad to abide by an Arab League timetable for political reform, including his own resignation.