Last updated: 20 February, 2012

Red Cross holds Syria talks to halt violence

The Red Cross said on Monday it was negotiating with the Syrian authorities and opposition fighters to try to bring a halt to violence in the country so it can deliver vital aid.

“The International Committee of the Red Cross is exploring several possibilities for delivering urgently needed humanitarian aid,” said spokesman Bijan Farnoudi.

“These include the cessation of fighting in the most affected areas to facilitate swift Syrian Arab Red Crescent and ICRC access to the people in need.”

Farnoudi did not give explicit details on who was taking part in the talks, and said only that they were ongoing.

“The content of the discussions with the Syrian authorities and all those involved in the fighting remains confidential,” he said.

Activists and state media reported that at least 14 people were killed in Syria on Sunday, adding to the more than 6,000 who have died in the regime’s 11-month crackdown on dissent.