Last updated: 25 February, 2012

Two Yemen soldiers killed in Aden

Two Yemeni soldiers died on Saturday as the result of a gun battle that erupted when troops moved in to dismantle a tent camp of southern militants in the port city of Aden, medics said.

Shooting broke out when army units attacked the camp, in Martyrs’ Square in the city’s Mansura quarter, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

Soldiers met stiff resistance from the southerners, who have been camped in the square for months, and the fighting lasted for several hours before the troops managed to break up the camp.

Hospitals reported receiving one dead soldier and four wounded people — two soldiers and two civilians. One of those soldiers later died.

Aden is a stronghold of militants demanding either autonomy or outright independence for the south, which was a separate country until 1990.

Southern activists seriously disrupted a single-candidate election on Tuesday that appointed Vice President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi as the country’s new leader, the first new president in Sanaa since 1978.

Hadi was sworn in on Saturday, ending the rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who agreed to step down under a Gulf-brokered deal signed in November after months of deadly unrest.