Last updated: 11 March, 2012

Jordan slams Israel’s barbaric strikes on Gaza

Jordanian government spokesman Rakan Majali condemned on Sunday Israel’s deadly air strikes on Gaza, describing them as “barbaric aggression.”

“Israel keeps using its security fears as pretext to kill Palestinians in Gaza. This doesn’t fool anyone anymore. Jordan rejects such a barbaric aggression against unarmed Palestinians,” Majali said.

He said the kingdom, which signed a 1994 peace treaty with the Jewish state, “holds Israel responsible for the outcome of this escalation in Gaza.”

“The Israeli government must immediately stop its attacks on Palestinians,” Majali said in a statement carried by the state-run Petra news agency.

Israel has since Friday killed 18 people in air strikes, including a schoolboy, in a campaign to stop rockets and mortars being fired against the southern part of its territory.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday Israel will continue air strikes against Gaza “as long as necessary.”