Last updated: 24 March, 2012

Young Jordanians demonstrate for reform

At least 200 Jordanian demonstrators from a pro-reform youth group held a sit-in in central Amman on Saturday amid heavy security, demanding political change and condemning corruption.

Members of the March 24 group called for “reforming the regime, trying the corrupt and introducing genuine constitutional amendments,” an AFP reporter said.

The protesters gathered at a key intersection near the interior ministry — the same place, where clashes a year ago between the youth group and government supporters left a man dead and 160 injured.

Around 2,500 armed policemen were deployed, and they prevented government supporters from clashing with the demonstrators, an AFP reporter said.

“We expected to have some reforms after more than a year of demonstrations. But nothing happened until this moment,” former MP Ali Dalein told the demonstrators.

On Friday, more than 700 people demonstrated in Amman against what they charged was “procrastination” on reform in the country, as the powerful opposition Islamists vowed to continue their protests

Jordan has seen relatively small but persistent Arab Spring-inspired demonstrations almost every week since January last year, demanding sweeping reforms and a tougher clampdown on corruption.