Last updated: 7 May, 2012

Four killed in attacks across Iraq

Four people were killed and 15 others were wounded, including security forces in five separate attacks across Iraq on Monday, security and medical officials said.

A Shiite man and his son were killed and four of their family were wounded when insurgents set off bombs around their house in Baquba, capital of Diyala province, north of Baghdad.

“Unknown gunmen blew up the house of a Shiite family in central Baquba which led to the death of the house owner and his son, and the wounding of four other members of the family,” a police major said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

A doctor in Baquba general hospital said that it received two bodies and treated four wounded people.

Also in Baquba, gunmen using silenced pistols killed a civilian in the centre of the city, the major said. The doctor confirmed the toll.

In Baghdad, a bomb detonated inside a minibus in Kadhimiyah neighbourhood in the north of the capital, killing a civilian and wounding four, a police official said.

Two other bombings in south Baghdad and Iskandiriyah, south of the capital, left seven people wounded, including two policemen and two soldiers, officials said.

Violence nationwide is markedly lower than in 2006 and 2007 but attacks are still common, especially in Baghdad and Diyala. A total of 126 Iraqis were killed in violence in April, according to official figures.