Last updated: 31 May, 2012

Tunisia warns Salafists police can use live rounds

Tunisia’s police are allowed to use live rounds when needed, the interior minister warned Thursday after Salafist groups attacked police stations over the weekend.

“Those who think that sovereign institutions such as police barracks can be attacked with impunity should know that in such cases the law authorises the use of live rounds,” Ali Larayedh told reporters.

“The state of emergency is still in force and we will take all necessary steps to restore security in the country,” he added.

Several police stations were attacked and torched by radical Salafist groups over the weekend in the northeastern regions of Jendouba and Ghardimaou.

The ultra-conservative Salafists, some armed with clubs and swords, have been intensifying their attacks in the last 10 days, even burning down shops of alcohol vendors who refuse to close.