Adam Hedengren
Last updated: 1 June, 2012

Bassel Shehadeh – Syrian filmmaker killed in Homs

When watching Saturday Morning Gift, it is hard to not feel moved. The sense of loss displayed in the short film becomes even more evident as we now know that its director was killed this week in Homs.

Bassel Shehadeh was an aspiring Syrian filmmaker who had returned to his native Syria last year to join the protest movement against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Leaving a Fulbright Scholarship at Syracuse University in the US, Bassel helped activists in Homs to learn more about how to produce and edit video footage, reports NPR.

His tragic fate came as a result of a shelling attack on the city of Homs on Monday. Bassel Shehadeh is one of an estimated 12,000 victims who has fallen since the Syrian uprising started in 2011.  

Play the video above for Bassel Shehadeh’s short film Saturday Morning Gift and click here for his documentary on the work of humanitarian groups in northeast Syria.