Last updated: 29 August, 2012

Egypt puts former Prime Minister Shafiq on travel watchlist

Former premier Ahmed Shafiq, who left Egypt amid a corruption probe after losing to Mohamed Morsi in a bitterly fought presidential election, has been placed on a watchlist and given a travel ban, judicial sources said on Wednesday.

Shafiq, a former air force chief appointed prime minister by president Hosni Mubarak before his overthrow early last year, is under investigation for an allegedly illegal sale of state land to Mubarak’s sons.

He travelled to the United Arab Emirates after losing to his Islamist nemesis Morsi in June’s election. Shafiq’s spokesman said at the time that he would return to Egypt and form a party.

A source said it was unclear what would happen to Shafiq if he returned. In the past, people placed on the watchlist have been detained on arrival.

A number of former regime officials, including Mubarak himself, have been convicted of corruption or killing protesters during the 18-day uprising that unseated the dictator.

Mubarak’s party leader and senate speaker Safwat al-Sharif was on Wednesday referred to trial along with his two sons for allegedly making 600 million pounds (roughly $100 million) in illicit gains.