Khaled Akil
Last updated: 10 October, 2012

Aleppo artist shares his thoughts on Syria’s future

Syrian artist Khaled Akil still lives in Aleppo. In this personal reflection, he comments on one of his latest artworks and what it means for Syria.

Syria’s towed flag, which is superficial to think about in these horrible and bloody days, symbolises the differences within the country.

I believe that through this artwork I can present a reflection of what Syria is today. The weapon, the “sketched one”, represents the politics Syrians believe in (like I am Arabic, I believe in Resistance, Freedom, Justice and Peace…).

Political slogans are much stronger than weapons, if understood by all people. For sure they cause less damage on our people, history and heritage than real weapons. Weapons destroy a country, and the nation, along with its community, if used by the wrong hands.

But end of war is not the end, it will only be the beginning of the most tiring mission ever; building the culture and forming the society from scratch again…