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Last updated: 16 October, 2012

A digital revolution in film has arrived in the Arab world

A digital revolution is transpiring in the film industry and nowhere more so than in the ARAB WORLD. Coinciding with the Arab Spring, there has been an explosion in Arab story-telling; as new technology such as crowd-funding platforms are empowering filmmakers to bypass traditional funding from hulking, ubiquitous corporate studios and leverage their social media support base. In what can only be described as the DEMOCRATISING OF FILMMAKING; stories that wouldn’t get a cursory glance from Hollywood studios now have a chance of being told. But how much do these platforms really empower filmmakers?

Video Journalist Jad Salfiti was part of a team at the Doha Film Institute looking at how the Arab Film World is being turned upside down in their recent series – Film 3.0. Spanning the film-making process from crowd-funding through to digital cinematography to Viral Marketing and finally digital distribution.