Last updated: 14 November, 2012

Jordanian “gunman” killed in police station attack

A “gunman” was killed and 12 Jordanian policemen were wounded as a police station came under attack in the northern city of Irbid early Thursday, state media reported.

The incident came a day after Jordan was hit by a wave of angry protests over a huge rise in fuel prices, with rioting and clashes erupting in Amman and other cities and another police station attacked.

“Twelve policemen were injured when a group of gunmen attacked a police station in Irbid. One of the gunmen died in a shootout, while four others were wounded,” said a police statement carried by state-run Petra news agency.

“All the wounded were taken to hospital. Some of the policemen are in serious condition,” it said.

It added that in a separate attack in Shafa Badran, near Amman, “gunmen, using automatic weapons, shot and injured a policeman, directly hitting one of his eyes. He is in a critical condition.”

The unrest erupted on Tuesday night after news spread of the price increases, under which the cost of household gas will rise 53 percent and petrol around 12 percent.