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Last updated: 5 December, 2012

Brotherhood figure’s Twitter account hacked

The Twitter account of Khairat al-Shater, deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, was hacked on Wednesday.

Al-Shater’s profile image was changed to that of Jaber Salah, also known as Jika, a young man who died during recent protests. The hacker is thought to be the same person who recently penetrated the accounts of Ikhwanweb and the Freedom and Justice Party.

Below are some of the tweets, translated from Arabic, that were sent out on Wednesday from al-Shater’s profile:

@khairatAlshater: I will go and hack other accounts, bye.

@khairatAlshater: Al-Shater’s cell phone number: 0100110545 – Don’t call him!

@khairatAlshater: I do not want any Ikhwani to comment on what I am saying, you can call your CIA friends to arrest me, but know that the revolution is still on for you Khaled and Jika.

@khairatAlshater: I am the same guy who hacked FJP and Ikhwanweb before, I also had Khaled Saeed’s photo and got you back your account after you promised to support the martyrs’ rights but seems you never fulfill your promise.