Yusra Salama
Last updated: 18 January, 2013

“El Mashrou3” – Egyptian reality show for entrepreneurs (VIDEO)

El Mashrou3 is Egypt’s first reality TV show about entrepreneurs. The winner will be provided support to launch his or her project.

Egypt now has a reality TV show that is not about music or dance. Airing on a channel yet to be disclosed by the Egyptian TV Network during 2013, “El Mashrou3” is the first Egyptian reality series about entrepreneurs.

El Mashrou3, which means “the project” in Arabic, will bring together 14 aspiring Egyptians between 18-35. It is open to anyone who has a startup business, a social project, or simply an idea for a project yet to be started.

“El Mashrou3 is an initiative for presenting a helping hand for junior businessmen. El mashrou3 is providing resources and corporation of institutions for all the applied projects,” Ismail Farid, the communications director of “El Mashrou3,” told Your Middle East, adding that the show will be launch on a major Arabic TV channel.

And there seem to be a large interest from young Egyptian to compete in the show. In late November, El Mashrou3 had received online applications from nearly 900 entrepreneurs. To be selected, the contestants should have the potential to create jobs, have a social or environmental impact for Egyptian society, and be able to make money.

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“El Mashrou3 is planning now in secrecy of the media, as we prepare to launch a big advertising campaign in the next few days before the main launch of the program,” Farid continued.

Each episode of “El Mashrou3” will feature a small prize for the winner of that episode. None of the 14 contestants will leave empty handed. Prizes could include mobile phones, plane tickets, free website design, consulting, training, assistance with registration, personal coaching, mentorship, supplies etc. The winner of the show will earn a grand cash prize to fund his or her own project.

Yusra Salama is an Egyptian journalist based in Cairo. Follow on Twitter @Yusra_Salama