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Last updated: 31 January, 2013

“McDiesel” is now served in the UAE and Oman

In cooperation with the Dubai-based consulting firm Coeja Eco Solutions, McDonalds is using cooking oil converted into eco-friendly bio-diesel for its fleet of delivery trucks in the Gulf.

“We are proud to adopt such an environmental initiative which reduces carbon emissions of our fleet of vehicles by 75 per cent”, Ali K. Daud, President of McDonald’s Oman said in statement.

Coeja Eco Solutions in partnership with Neutral Logistics collects the used cooking oil from all McDonald’s restaurants in Oman and convert it to 100% biodiesel. The US fast-food chain first launched such a biodiesel initiative in the Middle East in the UAE in July 2011, where they also partnered with Coeja and Neutral Fuels, the only licensed biorefinery in the Middle East.

“McDonald’s trucks in the UAE have now covered more than 1 million kilometers using bio-diesel,” Talal Al Hassan of Coeja Eco Solutions told the Times of Oman.

“This is a bold step in the right direction for McDonald’s Oman and we admire their leadership,” he said, adding that Coeja will be expanding this service to other companies in Oman later this year. During 2013, the company aims to start collecting used oil from four additional clients in the country.

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“Converting used cooking oil into biodiesel is by far the most useful thing that can be done with it. Biodiesel is catching on in the Middle East as a positive alternative to mineral diesel”, said Karl W. Feilder, CEO of The Neutral Group, adding that the initiative furthered the creation of an increasingly sustainable fuel future in the Gulf region.