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Last updated: 10 February, 2013

Iranians suffer but still support nuclear programme

The vast majority of Iranians say that the international sanctions have hurt their livelihoods, yet most still support the country’s nuclear programme.

According to a Gallup survey conducted in Iran in December 2012, 48 per cent of Iranians say the sanctions have affected their own personal livelihoods a great deal and another 35% say that they have been somewhat affected.

With 31% of Iranians rating their lives in a way that can be categorised as “suffering”, Iran is on a par with countries that are either at war or experiencing severe instability such as Egypt and Tunisia.

By October 2012, Iran’s oil exports had dropped by more than 40%, and during the first week of that same month, the Iranian rial was devalued by 40% from the previous week’s value. In December 2012, 74% of Iranians described “now” as a “bad time” to find a job, up from 66% in January that year.

But despite these far-reaching effects on people’s lives, most Iranians – 63% – say that they think Iran should continue develop its nuclear programme, for which 47% hold the United States responsible.

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