Last updated: 16 February, 2013

Hezbollah warns Israel not to count on weaker Syria

The head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement warned Israel on Saturday not to count on a weakening of his group’s allies in war-torn Syria and said its ports and airports were within rocket range of his fighters.

“Those who think Syria is no longer a player and cannot help the resistance (Hezbollah)… and that the resistance is going through a period of weakness and confusion are mistaken,” Hassan Nasrallah said.

“We have everything we need in Lebanon. We don’t need to transport (arms) from Syria or Iran,” he said, referring to Hezbollah’s allies in a speech to his supporters broadcast on on a giant video screen in southern Beirut.

“I warn the Israelis… that the resistance in Lebanon will not remain silent in the face of any aggression against Lebanon,” he said.

“They know that all it takes is a few rockets for their airports, ports and power plants to be plunged into darkness,” said the leader of the Shiite militant group which fought a devastating war against Israel in summer 2006.

Nasrallah avoided any comment on allegations of his movement’s involvement in a July 2012 anti-Israeli bus bombing in Sofia that killed six people.