Last updated: 5 April, 2013

Statement from the editors

The article previously published here has been removed. This is an extremely unusual measure at Your Middle East.
Although we knew that the article was controversial and may stir a lot of emotions, we did not expect the extreme response that resulted. The debate has not been healthy, largely aggressive.

Your Middle East works hard to provide an alternative to the mainstream media’s one-sided – mainly negative – reporting from the Middle East. We work for a positive development in the region, including equal rights for all its citizens, by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas from different perspectives.

While we know that the author of the article wrote it with good intentions, the way an overwhelming majority reacted to it has made a constructive debate impossible. Although we regret to remove an article, we feel that in this particular instance and with respect for all parties involved this is the best possible course of action.

The Your Middle East Editorial Team