Last updated: 17 April, 2013

US to deploy 200 troops to Jordan over Syrian war, says minister

The United States plans to deploy 200 troops in Jordan because of “the deteriorating situation” in war-torn Syria, Information Minister Mohammad Momani said on Wednesday.

“The deployment of the troops is part of US-Jordanian military cooperation to boost the Jordanian armed forces in light of the deteriorating situation in Syria,” Momani told AFP.

He did not say when the troops were scheduled to arrive in Jordan.

“US and Jordanian officials have been in touch for the past two days. It is still unclear if military equipment and weapons will arrive with the group, who will come to the kingdom in the coming stage.”

Jordan, a key US ally in the region, says it is hosting around 500,000 Syrian refugees.

Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur told parliament on Sunday that the impact of Syria’s war posed a threat to the kingdom’s security and Jordan would seek the UN Security Council’s help to tackle the fallout.