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Last updated: 10 June, 2013

Iranian presidential candidate Rouhani gathers strength at rally

Iranian presidential candidate Rouhani is seen speaking at a campaign rally in Tehran's Shirudi complex on Saturday.

“He is still a long-shot to win – but centrist candidate Hassan Rouhani has suddenly injected fresh intrigue in Iran’s upcoming presidential elections,” writes CNN. On Saturday, Rouhani was seen rallying 12,000 supporters in the Shirudi complex in the Iranian capital.

He gathered strength last month when attacking the republic’s hardline tactics on censorship and security. “We must crush the securitized atmosphere,” he said.

During the event on Saturday, Rouhani vowed to do something about releasing political prisoners and put an end to extremism. 

“We are all after,” he shouted to the sheering crowd, “all of us…we seek change, prudence and hope!”