Tasnim Nazeer
Last updated: 19 June, 2013

Allah’s Gifts – a children’s book about the gifts of life

There are so many blessings in life that are often taken for granted. Tasnim Nazeer wrote Allah’s Gifts, a children’s storybook, with the aim to instill gratitude towards the non-materialistic gifts of life.

“In the garden a rainbow illuminates the sky. Can you see all the different colours?

Thank you Allah for all the gifts you have given me and my family,” said Aleena. Can you remember them all? The gifts of sight, hearing, laughter…”

The purpose of Allah’s Gifts is for children to discover and appreciate the many gifts that Allah (God) has given them, everything from small things to the ability to see, hear and talk. Some people in this world do not have the benefits that many of us have and this book teaches good morals to nurture sound values within our children. Gifts today are often associated with materialistic things, which is why the book puts an emphasis on spiritual blessings to redress the balance.

I want to make every child feel special and thankful for what they have

There are many children around the world who may not be able to hear, speak or talk yet they have blessings such as a loving family or a talent that can be nurtured. As a mother, I often read to my children and quickly noticed that there is a gap in the market for stories that purely focus on the natural gifts we have been given.

I was inspired to write this picture book to motivate children into feeling content with what they have even if it is the smallest of things. In poverty stricken countries around the world children do not have access to the facilities and resources that enable them to progress in life. I am a true believer in campaigning for human rights and want to make every child feel special and thankful for what they have.

We live in a time when materialism around the latest brands is promoted and exposed to children and many young people suffer from peer pressure and bullying because of it. If we change the status quo and work towards making children feel better in their own skin and recognizing the blessings they have we can aim to tackle these issues.

Allah’s Gifts is a book meant for a younger audience but it is never too early to introduce your child, or yourself for that matter, to the special gifts of life that cannot be bought for money.