Your Middle East
Last updated: 28 August, 2013

Syrian father thought son was dead – watch as they reunite

The conflict in Syria has produced more horrible videos than perhaps any other in history. The footage that has reached a global audience through YouTube and other online video services has shown the horror, suffering and destruction that this two year long war has caused, and is still causing, every day.

At a point when even more strikes seem to be looming, it is a heartwarming relief, if only for a moment, to see a happy video from Syria, probably the first one in a very long time.

All parents can relate to the unimaginable grief of losing a child – and the joy if it turned out to still be alive. Watch as this man from the southwestern Syrian town of Zamalka is reunited with his son who was believed to have been killed – like so many other Syrian children – in a recent military strike.

The father appears about a minute into the clip, which was posted by Syrian activists on Monday.