Johannes Makar
Last updated: 8 October, 2013

An evening stroll along the Beirut Corniche (PICTURES)

From a thriving night scene where ‘al Maaza’ and ‘Araq’ are synonyms for ‘fountain of life’ to bloody sectarian divisions and Palestinian camps that carry a grim taste of Lebanon's history, Beirut catches the region’s embryonic wish for progression while forming the battlefield for its actual challenges.

We walk across fashionable avenues and Hezbollah ruled quarters where short skirts and niqabs mingle. The city is notoriously popular among historians for its bloody history and praised by the beau monde for being the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

Far away and yet so close from its ongoing rubble lies the Corniche. Home to street vendors, fishermen, rocky beaches, private beach clubs and the residence of Robert Fisk, this seaside promenade evorapotes an enchanting atmosphere that few places in the city can compete with.

Photographer Johannes Makar experienced the vibe, scroll through his pictures above.