Last updated: 29 October, 2013

Jordan MP freed in parliament shooting case

A Jordanian MP was released from jail on Tuesday for “lack of evidence”, a day after he was charged with inciting a colleague to shoot at another deputy in parliament.

“Yahia al-Saud was released from jail today on orders from the attorney general who prevented his trial for lack of evidence,” a judicial official told AFP, without elaborating.

Saud was detained and charged on Monday with inciting murder, defamation and slander, according to another judicial official.

In September, an argument broke out in parliament between Saud and MP Qusay Dumaisi.

Video footage showed Dumaisi removing his shoes and Saud his belt during the dispute, before they were separated.

Two days later, MP Talal al-Sharif shot a Kalashnikov at Dumaisi during an altercation in the lower house, without hitting him.

“Prosectors found evidence that Saud incited Sharif to shoot at Dumaisi,” a third judicial official told AFP on Monday.

Sharif was expelled from parliament and jailed for attempted murder, possession of unlicensed firearms and resisting the security forces.

Dumaisi was suspended for one year.

In July 2012, a live television debate on domestic issues between two deputies also degenerated into fisticuffs before one of them pulled out a gun and was overpowered.