Your Middle East
Last updated: 31 October, 2013

VIDEO: Ordinary Iranians speak their mind about America

CNN brought their camera to the streets of Tehran to let Iranians speak their mind about the United States. This is what they said...

…on Americans:

“We love Americans” 

“American people are good people”

“We want the same things as the Americans want”

“America is a great country, and we want to have good relations with America”

“We don’t have any problems with America”

…US foreign policy:

“Our problem is with America’s politicians, those who are after war and blodshed. Your politics is about war and it’s terrifying.”

“You’re not the boss of the world, you shouldn’t think that you are in charge of how the world runs. You have to have equal respect for all countries.”

“Why should we be controlled, who is America to control us?”

“With all these sanctions they put on us, it’s like putting gun on someone’s head.”

”You respect our human rights and we’ll respect yours. It’s just humanity.”

…on Iran’s suspected development of nuclear weapons:

“As far as I am concerned I don’t think they are making bombs.”

“This talk that we are making a bomb is completely false.” 

”We never ever started a war.”