Christine Petré
Last updated: 11 December, 2013

Can Queen Rania’s Instagram copy Obama’s selfie success?

Can’t get enough of Queen Rania? Don’t worry, now you can follow her on Instagram. The Queen of Jordan has opened an Instagram account, which in less than 24 hours has received more than 3 600 followers.

All photos so far are connected to South African hero Nelson Mandela’s passing away and memorial ceremony. The first photo is portraying the Queen alongside Nelson Mandela with the description:

”Privileged to be in Johannesburg to honor one of the most honorable of men #MandelaMemorial #SouthAfrica”

The other photos show her alongside South African bishop Desmond Tutu, Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Annan, American politicians Bill, Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, and US President Barack Obama.

Some of the Queen’s messages included:

“Friends of Madiba travel from around the world to say goodbye #MandelaMemorial #South Africa”

”Obama pays tribute to “a giant of history”, Mandela #MandelaMemorial #SouthAfrica”

If Queen Rania’s decision was inspired by Obama’s “selfie,” which has gone viral across social media is, however, unclear.

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