Last updated: 4 January, 2014

DNA test confirms identity of Beirut bomber

The army confirmed Saturday that a young man from north Lebanon was the suicide bomber who blew himself up in a deadly attack in south Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold.

“The DNA test results on the remains of a suicide attacker found in the car used in the bomb attack… confirm they belong to the youth Qutaiba al-Satem”, an army statement said.

It comes two days after four people were killed in Thursday’s suicide car bombing in the southern suburbs of the capital.

“Investigations are ongoing by the relevant judicial authorities to uncover the full details of the event,” the military said.

An official from Satem’s native Sunni-majority area of Wadi Khaled told AFP on Friday suspicions over the 20-year-old’s role were based on a family document found at the scene of the blast.

Satem’s father was then called in for DNA tests.

The attack Satem is suspected of being behind killed four people and wounded 77 people.